Whitney Issik, your UCP candidate for Calgary-Glenmore

Whitney grew up, went to school, and raised her two sons in Calgary Glenmore. She’s married to Suli. She lives blocks away from the site of her grandfather’s acreage where she rode horses as a child. Studying economics and political science, Whitney graduated from the University of Calgary.  Fresh out of University, Whitney started a retail business which she still co-owns. She worked in politics and government for 10 years, including working for the Legislative Assembly, followed by ten years in corporate Calgary in the energy and telecom sectors. Whitney is a tireless volunteer. She has served in many leadership roles building and rebuilding organizations, including the Minister’s Advisory Committee for Post Secondary Education and was on the National Executive of the Federal Party as National Policy Co Chair.
Like you, I see the struggles Albertans are facing everyday and how much more we stand to lose under the weight of out of touch NDP policies.  My family came to Alberta five generations ago and prospered through hard work and a free enterprise spirit just like my husband did when he came to Canada in the late 1980s.  We have seen yet again how catastrophic public policy can destroy the Alberta dream.  But next year we have the chance to start reversing the damage.  As a small business owner with experience in the energy sector, I am determined to be a strong voice for the residents of Calgary-Glenmore and work with our experienced and skilled UCP team to reignite the economy and get Alberta back on track.